We are full service digital marketing company, based in Tbilisi. We pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering top quality solutions to our customers in web development sep


42 GRADUSI is a custom web design company, based in Tbilisi, at 420 N.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering top quality solutions to our customers in web development.

42 GRADUSI is dedicated providing exceptional quality services and products for our customers. Our project teams are result oriented and always aimed at creation of highest added value in every project, notwithstanding its size and budget.

Every single project is special for us and starts with assessment of your company's strategic objectives, market place and target audience. After analysis our project team develops design and structure concept for your review and approval. Close collaboration with you enable our team to meet your highest expectations, convert your target audience to your clients and make every project a success story.


Everyone working for 42 GRADUSI enjoys calm, friendly, creative, result and personal development oriented environment. High quality, responsibility and professionalism are must, but not enough to be part of the 42 GRADUSI team. We demand personal and professional development from our employees and try to provide means, advice and create encouraging atmosphere, where everybody feel necessity of permanent study to increase knowledge, professional capacity and stay ahead of tide in his/her field.

If you are ready to work in such atmosphere, have creativity, professional knowledge of conceptual design and graphic design or alternatively, are web programmer specializing in PHP programming environment, please send your resume and portfolio to Please, provide description of application field in the subject line of message (DESIGN or PROGRAMMING).

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